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Parents' attire 

Mothers of bride/groom
In some area, the mothers' outfits must coordinate with the colors chosen by the bride. In other areas, the only requirement is that the mothers feel comfortable and beautiful. It seems foolish to insist that a person who looks ghastly in pink buy a pink dress because that dress looks good standing next to someone else's dress. As there are no actual rules in this matter, the bride determines what she wants, keeping in mind the financial situation of all involved. The bride's mother usually determines the length of dresses worn (street, tea, long, etc.), considering the bride's wishes. If, for any reason, the groom's mother is not able to dress as the bride wishes, it should not ruin the day for the bride. The bride should consider financial burdens she may be placing on the groom's family in requesting long dresses or specific color or style. Both mothers should consider color if they have other daughters or daughters-in-law who will be in family photos. The color worn by these ladies (if they are bridesmaids) and the colors chosen by the mothers should blend.

Fathers of the bride/groom
The fathers wear the same as the groomsmen if they are actual participants in the wedding, otherwise a suit will suffice. A tuxedo is always appropriate for a formal wedding as are military dress uniforms. Fathers should be given a boutonniere unless in military uniform.

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