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Groom's and groomsmen's attire 

The bride and groom usually make this decision together. She wants to keep the wedding coordinated, but he and his friends have to wear the clothing. The men usually wear tuxedos, dinner jackets, tails or suits; accessories include ties, ascots, cummerbunds, canes, gloves, hats.

Formal clothing can be rented or purchased, and some grooms prefer for each groomsman to buy a matching suit. Consider budget and tastes in this case.

A military dress uniform is acceptable in place of a tux, and may be mixed with gentlemen wearing tuxedos if the bride/groom have no objection. Boutonnieres are not worn on uniforms.

It is also permissible for the groomsmen to wear suits in like color if they all have them.

Cummerbunds and ties may match the color of the bridesmaid's dresses for the more informal wedding. Black is the traditional color for very formal weddings. Vests may be worn in place of cummerbunds. The groom may choose to wear an entirely different color and style than the groomsmen. Jackets may be worn buttoned or unbuttoned as the groom chooses.

Insist that each person try on his clothing when it is picked up to insure fit and accuracy. Errors discovered at the site of the wedding are almost impossible to correct.

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