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Wedding cakes 

Although white or pastel colored frosting is traditional for the bride's cake, you may select any type of cake you want. A bride and groom, fresh flowers, bells, etc. may adorn the cake.

Your baker can advise you as to the size of cake needed, but keep in mind that many people are on diets, some leave early, and some do not eat sweets so a slice for every guest in not needed.

Whipped cream and/or fragile frostings are not advisable as the cake may sit out for several hours.

If you plan to have a fountain with your cake, remember to check for electrical outlets in the area where you want to place your cake.

Some bakers will frost a Styrofoam base to give the illusion of a larger cake.

After the bride and groom cut the cake and offer each other a slice (which symbolizes sharing life's bounties), the top layer is removed and the rest of the cake is cut and served. The top layer is saved, frozen, and then eaten by the bride and groom on their first anniversary. The cake may be served by a friend or waiter.

A groom's cake is traditional in some parts of the country, and may be whimsical. Check with your baker.

Wedding cakes should be ordered at least two months in advance (earlier for some bakers).

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Edna S,
Aug 20, 2013, 1:55 PM
Edna S,
Aug 20, 2013, 1:55 PM