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Flowers and decorations 

Prices vary greatly, so compare work styles, finished products, and prices before signing a contract. Ask to see photographs or check references.

The location of the wedding will play a large part in the number and style of decorations needed or permitted. Some buildings need only a few candles and greenery; others would be enhanced by baskets of flowers. Some churches also have rigid rules concerning decorations. It is very helpful to take a photograph or sketch of the interior of the building with you when discussing your plans with your florist.

A swatch of material from the bridesmaid's dresses is extremely helpful in planning colors, as not everyone uses the same name for colors. (Example: is teal more blue or more green?)

The florist should be booked at least six months in advance if possible. You will find that most florists will not take a contract for a wedding on Valentine's Day, Easter, or Mother's Day as these are their busiest times. They will however, often prepare your flowers, and allow you to pick them up and do your own decorating.

If you are on a tight budget, you can use fewer flowers, and more greenery. Choose flowers in season, borrow ferns from friends, use magnolia leaves and ivy, have bridesmaids carry a single flower instead of a bouquet.

Be sure it is clear who will deliver the decorations, who will remove the decorations and clean up, and when. Specify when you want the decorations in place and when you want them removed; if the florist is decorating the church and you have made arrangements for the photographer to take photographs early, you may not be able to do so. 

Be sure the florist, as with all delivery people, have accurate directions.

It is also acceptable to take the floral baskets from the ceremony location to the reception area immediately after the ceremony; check with your photographer to see if they are needed in the photographs.

Candelabra may be used with the addition of greenery and bows or just unadorned. Check rules of the church to see if specific candles are required..spring loaded, dripless, plastic sheets used under candelabra, etc. Refills for spring loaded candles will last approximately 1½ hours so plan ceremony accordingly...placement of air-conditioner vents may shorten the life of candles.

Pew markers are used to identify reserved seats for family. These can be elaborate or just simple bows. Every pew can be decorated, but remember to identify the actual reserved seats in some distinctive way for the convenience of the guests and ushers.

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