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Weddings are costly and time consuming, but well worth the effort in memories. You must be realistic in planning your budget before you begin to make plans if funds are limited. Going deeply in debt for an event that lasts approximately four hours is not reasonable or necessary. For instance, designer dresses are beautiful, but many cannot afford them, so the sensible thing is not to try on these is hard to buy “off the rack” after looking in the most elegant shops. If you have a budget limit, don’t be shy about telling sales clerks; they can be a big help if they know your price range.

This workbook is designed to be printed on looseleaf pages and inserted in a 2/3-ring binder so that you can insert each page of estimates as you talk to various service people (florist, caterer, musicians, etc.).

You may wish to download the text files in order to insert them in front of their corresponding worksheets. The text files are written in Word '97 and the worksheets are written in Excel '97.
Permission is granted to reproduce any pages needed. It is helpful to have a page for each person contacted in order to save confusion later. When a final decision is made, insert the proper worksheet in the notebook with all pertinent questions answered. You may want to save all worksheets for further reference, but be sure to keep them separate. If contracts are not provided, ask the person to sign your worksheet after it is completed to make sure you both understand the agreement.

The guest list worksheets in the invitation section may be copied and given to each person providing names for the guest list, and then inserted into your workbook. They can also be copied to give a few pages to each person addressing invitations.

We suggest adding a pocket section to the notebook for contracts, photos, swatches, etc.

Establish a budget if funds are limited. Read the introduction to each section, skip any forms not needed, and create your dream wedding.

In order to be helpful to future brides please tell us of any problems you encounter which could have been avoided by a little additional knowledge. Send a message to and we will add that information to our book as well.

Although this book is copyrighted, permission is granted to reproduce pages as needed as long as copies are not used for sale or profit.

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