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Wedding Planner Workbook

Planning a wedding can be exciting, fun-filled, and romantic, or it can become a frustrating chore. The key to a successful wedding lies in careful planning, realistic thinking, and ALWAYS, ALWAYS remembering that this event is not a Broadway production, but a marriage of two people shared by friends and family.

The purpose of this workbook is to provide you with a guideline in planning your wedding. Each section will give helpful hints and basic traditions followed by forms containing even the smallest details. We have tried to list all of the things that can come up unexpectedly, even though some of them may seem basic and foolish? (When the temperature reaches 110 and no one can find a thermostat, it is a problem that a simple question in advance could have prevented.)

Click on the small arrow next to Wedding Planner Workbook in the left menu to see the table of contents. Any chapter with an arrow next to it contains sub-chapters.  We hope you enjoy reading and working with the planner!  If you print directly from the web page, it will be landscape - printed from the "download" will be portrait.