Doupioni comes from the word "doippione" which means double in Italian. Two silk worms may spin one cocoon instead of two, and the filaments may become difficult to unravel so the result is knotting and slubbing. Shantung is a type of doupioni. It is basically a rough, plain weave made of uneven yarns to produce a textured effect, particularly evidenced in occasional thicker threads in the weft.
  • Silk
    • Slight nubby texture along lines which occur naturally in the silk fibers. Also known a Dupioni (Indian) silk and is a form of raw silk (unrefined threads). Very popular among brides wanting a natural look. Slightly stiff fabric that holds a design well, but does tend to wrinkle easily.
  • Polyester
    • Looks very much like silk, but is softer and more supple. A very good substitute for silk. Nubby texture along short irregular lines in the fabric.