The following embellishments may be added, or you may purchase fabric with them already added (albeit a much higher price). All of the following come in a clear finish or an "AB" (Aurora Borealis) finish.

  • Pearls
    • Painted, plastic in craft quality and bridal quality...they look the same...difference is in permanence of finish. They come in round, oat (oblong) and pear shape.
  • Glass beads
    • Rocaille (small glass "seed" beads), Bugle (tube-shaped available in different lengths).
  • Rhinestones
    • Faceted crystal with flat or pointed backs in Austrian quality or a in lesser grade made in Czechoslovakia.
  • Rondels
    • Angular shaped faceted crystal with a hole in the center.
  • Sequins
    • Clear plastic discs with a hole in the center. May be flat or with edges bent (cupped).