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posted Sep 19, 2016, 9:00 AM by Edna S

We carry:

Imperial batiste 5.49 yd (60")

Imperial broadcloth 5.98 yd (60")

Imperial seersucker 7.49 yd (45")

Featherwale cordurory 10.98 yd (60")

Neolona batiste 16.98 yd (45")

Many colors in all of the following:
Matte satin 7.98 yd (60")
Satin back crepe 7.98 yd (60")
Chiffon 5.98 yd (60")
Organza 5.98 yd (60")

We carry many other fabrics, oilcloth, tablecloth fabric, poplin, suiting, prints, velvets, linen, etc.

Please call for more info or stop by for a visit.

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